About Epic

At Epic Real Estate we offer a variety of solutions to suite your unique and individual needs. We have decades of hands on marketing & sales experience with a focus on multifamily residential housing and commercial real estate. Whether you are looking to develop a master-planned community, envisioning a mixed use residential condominium community or determining the viability of a project proposal, we can assist you every step of the way.


What Makes Epic Different

    • Sales Team

      Focused, project dedicated sales teams that sell only your community and are committed to customer-centric sales strategies.

    • Integrated Realtor

      Integrated Realtor ® programs that enhance sales from co-op Realtors.

    • Market Diagnostics

      In-depth market diagnostics and product design guidance early in project planning, reducing the possibility of costly planning errors.

    • Debt Restructuring

      Debt restructuring and new finance resources that helps kick start project construction.

    • Marketing Management

      In-house project management insuring marketing & sales messaging for your community is precise and effective.


    Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing

    Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing

    Established in 1980, Fifth Avenue specializes in the marketing and sales of new residential communities for developers throughout B.C., with a specialized focus on Metro Vancouver. Our expertise in residential housing includes, master planned: high-rise and low-rise condominiums, townhomes, single family, resort, and mixed use communities.

    Caremichael Consulting

    Carmichael Consulting

    Carmichael Consulting specializes in marketing real estate projects and communities. They realize developer’s visions through market research, strategic planning, deliberate marketing initiatives and swift execution of all aspects of digital and traditional marketing platforms.