Foothills – Lantzville BC

“The Lantzville Foothills is an 1838 acre, master-planned neighbourhood, currently zoned for 730 homes, a mixed use village area, and a 900 acre park.”

The Foothills will be a high quality neighbourhood, with exceptional and creative design of all of its outdoor spaces and buildings.  It will be developed to offer a diversity of housing, many amenities, and will simultaneously have both an urban sophistication and a rural, relaxed feeling.

The Foothills will have a quiet elegance in its contemporary homes and landscape combined with a cozy, safe, and friendly atmosphere. The beauty of the landscape will be preserved, and will provide a memorable island setting for all stages of life.

It will be designed to foster a broad range of social interactions and vibrancy, while providing a sense of privacy and safety.

It will be designed to support a healthy, active, and community-oriented lifestyle, offering many opportunities for learning, exploring, artistic expression, and cultural experiences.

The Foothills will be the gateway to the highlands of Lantzville, and the rich array of recreation experiences that the area offers. The Foothills will also be a gateway to many great personal and community experiences.  The area will offer the best of Island living, including outdoor experiences, food, education, arts, culture and a healthy lifestyle.

Sustainability objectives will inform all aspects of the design so that we can achieve our environmental and social goals.