Project Marketing & Sales


  • Do you have a pre-sales target?
  • Do you want to sell fast or push prices higher?
  • Are there timing and financial constraints?

The answer to these questions sets the stage for the customized program we’ll craft with you.

Epic operates with the intent of minimizing the time required by our clients to deal with marketing and sales related issues allowing them to focus on developing their communities and maximizing the bottom line.


We help craft the story that makes your project unique compared to your competitors. We’ll assist with Product Concept & Design input and we’ll find out who your customers are and what they are looking for in a property, so you can design your community with the greatest potential appeal.

Strategic Marketing

We locate your buyers quickly and effectively using a mixture of direct & internet marketing, lead generation, public relations, referral generation and advertising programs that work within your marketing budget.

Sales Team Selection Training and Management

We engage some of the most experienced Property Specialists in the industry, coach and train them to sell your community and manage them to achieve effective results.


Epic takes on a limited number of consulting opportunities annually. These could include product pricing, sales training, operations set-up or any other specific and unique situation our clients may encounter

Sales Strategy

We’ll identify the key features and benefits of your community and develop incredibly powerful sales tools, specific to your strategy.

Launch & Tempo Sales

We have the expertise to launch your new project maximizing pre-sales needed to secure construction financing. After the launch, unsold properties sometimes represent the bulk of a Developer’s profit. Epic can help unlock this profit quickly with a combination of traditional sales and project marketing sales programs.

Special Assignments and Situations

Epic can help with stalled projects and give them momentum. We figure out how to deal with unique situations and help manage an in-house team, turning a challenging situation into a winner.